Lasik Surgery In Bowling Green KY

Picking the right facility for your lasik surgery in Bowling Green KY is not easy. You want to find the very best surgeon, but how do you do that?

Bowling Green lasik eye surgeryLasik has been touted as the best way to go to get your eyesight problems fixed. It has even been said to be the safest way to get around sight problems. It is for such reasons that many people have gone for the procedure with many more wishing that they would go for it. However, what such people have not been told is the fact that there are numerous risks that come with the laser eye surgery procedure. Such risks are in very rare cases made public. However, it is important that before you go for the surgery that you know exactly what risks you will be exposing yourself to and also consider natural ways of improving your eyesight.

There are lots of Bowling Green KY laser eye surgery techniques today – technology has moved forward with incredible speed the last few years. You have:

  • Wavefront Technology
  • Zyoptik
  • PRK Refractive Eye Surgery
  • Lasek, as well as, of course
  • Lasik

Whether this type of surgery ends up a success or not depends strongly on the kind of skills the surgeon has as well as the surgery method he decides to use. The laser eye surgery risks all differ according to the kind of damage that may inflicted to the eye during the procedure, and eye surgeons in Kentucky face the same difficulties as anyone else. The FDA has put together a page that outlines the risks that go with the procedure.

Bowling Green KY Lasik Surgery Cost

How much does lasik cost? How much should it cost? I know this questions comes up a lot, because let’s face it: We all love a deal! This procedure, though, is probably not one where you should try to find the cheapest doctor available.

That being said, I’m sure you’ve seen the ads that say LASIK – $499 Per Eye

or something to that effect. Don’t believe it, or at least read the find print well. No reputable eye surgeon can perform corrective eye surgery for such a low price.

A price report commissioned by from a leading industry analyst was based on results of a survey of refractive surgeons conducted in 2011. Average LASIK costs were (all prices quoted are for one eye):

  • $2,124 for all laser-based vision correction procedures (including LASIK) in which a single price is quoted.
  • $1,630 for non-customized LASIK using a bladed instrument (microkeratome) and excimer lasers that are not guided by wavefront analysis.
  • $2,151 for wavefront-guided LASIK using a laser-created flap.

Read more about prices here.

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The risks associated with laser eye surgery include:

Dry Eyes

Very common side effect that is likely to occur after a laser eye surgery. This is especially true in women aged 40 years and above. The symptoms associated with this condition include stinging and burning eyes as well as tearing excessively. The condition is supposed to last for a maximum of 2 weeks. However if the condition persists then you may need to see an ophthalmologist immediately.



As rare as infections are, this is a risk that you ned to be aware of. Infection risk is why you need to ensure that your eye surgeon in Bowling Green KY knows exactly what the surgery is all about as well as ensure that he will disinfect you during and after the procedure.

Losing Ability to See at Night

This is a risk that is also common amongst people who have undergone this kind of surgery. 49 percent of all the people who have had laser eye surgery have been reported to have lost night vision. Glare effect especially when driving at night has also been reported probably due to over correcting of the condition. However, such symptoms are expected to disappear after a period of six weeks after which if you still experience the same symptoms you need to see an ophthalmologist to have the situation corrected.

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Loss of Vision

This is the most serious complication that can ever occur, and the one that everyone fears the most of course. This is a rare happening but has all the same been reported among some patients. However, you are supposed to regain your vision naturally after a week or so after which if you still have no vision should visit a specialist as soon as possible. I’d like to put your mind at ease regarding one thing though – no case of complete blindness due to corrective laser eye surgery has ever been reported in the US (Lasik facts & myths).

Putting things in perspective

Sometimes I think risks are misunderstood. There is risk in everything, just stepping out of bed in the morning can get you killed. So here’s a perspective for you: Bowling Green Kentucky lasik surgery is about as risky as wearing contacts! That’s right – regular contacts, improperly used, lead to more cases of vision loss and blindness than corrective surgery does.